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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Saraiki Song

Attaullah Khan Essa Khailwi ( عطااللہ خان عیسی ء خیلوی) is a well known folk singer and poet of Pakistan. He has the world record for the highest number of audio albums ever released by a singer. He has a lot of saraiki sad songs. This is a saraiki song from him.

Namal College Mianwali

Location and Facilities
Namal College is built on land generously donated by the people of Mianwali District. Located a short distance outside the city of Mianwali on the main Highway, the college is set on a gentle slope of a hill in beautiful countryside on the edge of Namal lake. Phase 1 of the project and the first of a complex of buildings has now been completed. The two storey building, covering an area of 60,000 sq. ft. houses the college administration, Maths and Computing laboratories and an English Language Centre. Phase II of the construction programme will begin shortly and include Staff and Student Accommodation premises and research laboratories.

Faculty and Associates

The first faculty and auxiliary staff have been appointed and additional academic, curriculum and administration support is being provided by the University of Bradford in the UK. Dr. Mohammed Khurshid Khan, Associate Dean (International Programmes) of the University of Bradford's School of Engineering, Design and Technology has been seconded to work on the Namal College Project. Dr. Khan brings to the Namal College Project vast experience in establishing world-class Educational Institutions.

The University of Bradford

Namal College is an Associate College of the University of Bradford, one of the leading Universities in United Kingdom. It specialises in the Technical and Engineering disciplines, and has a history of developing and delivering high quality and demand driven degree programmes. Bradford has extensive experience in setting up vocational training professional courses in different parts of the World. Bradford University will work closely with Namal College in designing the courses and curriculum, in ensuring Quality Assurance, training and development for the Faculty and advising on matters related to academic administration. Imran Khan is the Chancellor of the University of Bradford. For further information about the University of Bradford please visit the University website:

Mianwali Development Trust and Imran Khan

As a philanthropist and a Member of Parliament in the district, Imran has, under the umbrella of the Mianwali Development Trust (MDT), undertaken a number of initiatives to address the multiple economic and social challenges faced by the area. These challenges include driving improvements in literacy, community organization, health, access to credit, encouragement of corporate investment, and education. Imran Khan has the experience and drive to make Namal College a success story. In 1996, Imran, opened the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMCH) Cancer Hospital in memory of his mother who had suffered from the disease. Today SKMT is one of the leading institutions for free Cancer Treatment in the world and has received international recognition. Imran is also amongst some leading World celebrities who donate their talents to advocate for children on behalf of UNICEF as a Special Representatives. He has used his high profile in cricket to support health and immunisation programmes in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand. In December 2005 Imran was appointed as Chancellor of the University of Bradford in the UK, acting as an ambassador for the University in the UK and overseas. The Chancellor awards degrees but also is important as a role model and in helping raise aspirations and awareness of educational opportunities. The University's first Chancellor was Harold Wilson, Labour Prime Minister of Britain.

PAF College Mianwali

Mianwali (Punjabi, Urdu: میانوالی) is the capital city of Mianwali District and situated in the north-west of Punjab province, Pakistan. The city is located at 32°34'60 N and 71° 32'60E with an altitude of 211 metres (695 feet).[1] According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, the Mianwali city had a population of 85,000 inhabitants.
In November 1901, North West Frontier Province was carved out of Punjab and present day towns of Mianwali, Isa Khel, Kalabagh, and Kundian were separated from Bannu District (NWFP) and hence a new district named as Mianwali District was made with the headquarters in Mianwali city and placed in Punjab. The municipal committee was made in December 1903 and remained operational since then.
Mianwali city is the economic and commercial hub of the district. There are several educational institutions from elementary to post-graduate level affiliated with the University of Punjab. The city has an airport built near the old World War II aerodrome. This is presently called PAF Base Mianwali. It is one of the major operational bases of the country. The No.1 Fighter Conversion Unit of the PAF is stationed here. There is also a railway connecting the city with Kundian and Multan to the south and Attock and Rawalpindi to the north. The railways were a part of the now obsolete "North Western Railways" (NWR), which was operational during British colonial rule in the subcontinent. After the partition of India in 1947 it was renamed "Pakistan Western Railways" and was again renamed after December 1971 as Pakistan Railways.
The main highways connecting the city to the other parts of the country include the Sargodha-Lahore road [N-60], MM Road ( Mianwali-Muzaffargarh road ), Talagang-Rawalpindi road, and the Kalabagh- Bannu road [N-60]. The Balkassar interchange connects Mianwali to the M2 motorway. The Thal canal traverses the city and makes the surroundings a picturesque place.
The city is famous for the shrine of Mian Sultan Zakria (RA) whose father Mian Ali founded Mianwali village, in the 16th century.(Researchers need some documentary proof) The son is said to have exhibited supernatural powers from an early age and many miraculous deeds are ascribed to him. His name is frequently taken as an oath , and his shrine is not uncommonly the scene of settlement of civil disputes, in which one party has bound himself to abide by any statement made at shrine by the other party.
The city has its own FM Radio Station, a municipal library, a sports complex(Bodybuilding Mianwali gym, a hockey stadium , and a couple of parks for recreation.
Abdul Razzaq Fazaia College, Mianwali
Over the years, owing to the establishment and expansion of Fazaia chain of educational institutions it was realised that an independent Directorate should be set up to command and control the policies relating to Fazaia Schools and Colleges. Now, all the 25 Schools and Colleges are being centrally controlled through unified policies relating to their principals, teaching and non-teaching staff, pay packages, monitoring of curricular and co-curricular activities.

PAF Mianwali

PAF Mianwali is located in the Central Pakistan approximately 190 Southwest of Islamabad, South of the town of Mianwali. PAF Mianwali is served by a 10,000 foot long runway. There is a parrallel taxi way that could serve as an alternate runway in emergencies

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